Saturday, 27 December 2014

Magazine Collage Among The Bluebells

I completed this piece in July 2014 as with all my work it is constructed entirely from ripped and cut magazines and junk mail. I used non-toxic adhesives and worked on recycled board.

'Among The Bluebells'

This piece depicts my husband and son as they stroll through our local woods. It was a beautiful day in May of the same year, bluebells everywhere you looked.

Little Eaton Woods, Derbyshire

Bluebells in Little Eaton Woods, Derbyshire

I tend to start with the background, building up the layers of colour and texture adding the figures last.

Kirstie Adamson Magazine Collage Artist

I took several photos while constructing this piece which I put together in a short video, it's a bit amateur and hops about a lot, however it does give you an idea of how I build up my work.

Environmentally friendly prints and cards taken from this piece are available 

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