Saturday, 17 January 2015

'Birdie & Belle' Magazine Collage

This collage is made entirely from ripped and cut magazines. The image depicts my sister and my niece walking down a lane in the Derbyshire countryside. You may recognise my niece from the previous post 'Over The Wall', she is one of my favourite muses! It was commissioned by my sister's partner as a Christmas 2013 gift.

Birdie & Belle

The most challenging aspect of this project was that the image was in sepia so I had to imagine what the colours might be, having knowledge of my sisters wardrobe helped when deciding what the most likely colours of the clothing and bag would be.

Birdie & Belle Client Images

It was requested that the outfit be changed for my niece so I drew her in an alternative based on another photograph. 

Birdie & Belle Rough Sketch

Before I begin to collage I always make a rough sketch to work to. I then collage the background moving forward and finishing with the figures. I spent a lot of time working on the hair of the figures in this piece. I felt that at first the hair was too perfect and it wasn't until I added a few stray strands that the piece really came to life for me.

Birdie & Belle Progression

This collage was completed just prior to me arranging with Alan at Roaring Tree to have my work mounted in his bespoke reclaimed wood frames. So this was presented in a plain white box frame, I am continually working towards increasing the eco credentials of my work.

Birdie & Belle Box Frame

This piece is available as an eco print or greetings card Learn More

Birdie & Belle Eco Friendly Card

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