Thursday, 1 January 2015

Magazine Collage Commission 'Wrench Family'

This piece is an A1 collage constructed entirely from ripped and cut magazines. All on recycled board using non toxic adhesives.

Wrench Family Commission

This was a wonderful piece to work on, when I first saw the image for the commission I could see that it would be perfect for collaging and looked forward to bringing it to life.

Client Image

The main challenges with this piece were firstly, gathering enough of the shade of green I needed, thank you to all my friends and family who helped me by dropping off old nature and outdoor magazines they'd been hoarding! Secondly was to capture the light and dark so prominent in the original image.

I usually mainly rip the magazines as I like the soft edge , I have recently begun to combine this with cut magazines as well to gain a contrast in texture. In this case I used thinly cut magazines to capture the grassy areas of the piece.

Ripped & cut magazines for texture contrast

Alan Withington at Roaring Tree did a wonderful job of framing this piece which was quite challenging due to the size. Alan's frames are all constructed from reclaimed timber, in this case old floorboards. Framing doubles the size of the original piece.

Reclaimed wooden frame by Roaring Tree

Client Review -

"Thank you so much! My husband was absolutely delighted with his Christmas present - a collage of our four daughters out on a walk. Somehow Kirstie has captured their individual traits and the detail is absolutely amazing. I even found myself going back to the original photo to discover there was detail in the collage that I hadn't even noticed in the photo.

The picture has been very much admired by family and friends, several of them are now searching through photographs for their own commissions!

The whole process was thoroughly enjoyable and Kirstie was utterly professional throughout. Thank you again!!!"

Catherine Wrench

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