Sunday, 25 January 2015

Magazine Collage 'Vrouwenpolder Beach' The Netherlands.

An upcycled  magazine collage based on an image of my son paddling on Vrouwenpolder Beach near Middleburg in The Netherlands, July 2013.

Magazine Collage 'Vrouwenpolder Beach' The Netherlands

It is taken from a snapshot from our wonderful family visit to stay with my cousin who now lives and works there. The beaches went on for miles and we were blessed with wonderful weather, it is a really beautiful part of the world.

 'Vrouwenpolder Beach' The Netherlands. 

The biggest challenge with this piece was finding the colours I needed to blend the sea with the wet sand. I went through quite a stack before I had all the shades I required. I deliberately use dark and light pieces near the bottom of the collage to represent the footprints in the sand. It took several attempts before I was happy with the sky to sea transition, playing with different shades before I finally applied any adhesive.

I was still very much developing my technique at this stage but feel that this was really the first piece that blurred the edges of the 'painted' effect' I was striving for. I don't add any paint to my work, each piece is made entirely from ripped and cut magazines.

It was originally in a white plain box frame but I chose this as my example piece to showcase the bespoke reclaimed wood frames made for me by Alan at Roaring Tree. This piece has sold but prints and cards are available in my shop on EcoCreate.

 'Vrouwenpolder Beach' The Netherlands. Reclaimed Wood Frame

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