Saturday, 7 February 2015

New Magazine Collage 'Whizz, Bang, Pop'

This is my latest magazine collage, 'Whizz, Bang, Pop'. I was first inspired to create this collage last November while watching fireworks with the children at the 'Fox & Hounds' at nearby Coxbench.

Whizz, Bang, Pop

This piece comprises of several images that I used to create my own composition.

Inspiration for Whizz, Bang, Pop

This was quite a tricky one to do but I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted to create. The biggest challenges were the fire and fireworks as this is not something I'd tried to represent before. I used my main ripping technique to create the main shapes. I then cut out tiny pieces of magazine sprinkled on to represent the sparks. I was really pleased with the effect.

Section of Whizz, Bang, Pop

For the launching fireworks I used small cut pieces of  magazines again, this time applying them with more accuracy. This is the closest I come to 'painting' with my collages.

Applying the cut magazines for the launching fireworks

I had intended to incorporate text it the fireworks initially but felt that it wasn't needed and would be too much.

This piece has sold and has gone off for framing. I hope to add to my card and print range later this year.

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