Sunday, 1 March 2015

'Let It Snow' Magazine Collage

This magazine collage was completed in September 2013. Inspired by my daughter spontaneously kissing the snowman she had just built with Daddy the winter before. It was such a precious moment that I wanted to capture it in my artwork. I was very pleased that this piece was selected by Arts Derbyshire when I was their Christmas artist 2014 Learn More

'Let It Snow' Magazine Collage

This was an A3 piece and so I kept the features of the face quite simple, I also altered the background to something blander to keep the main focus on Rowan and the snowman.

Rough Sketch For 'Let It Snow'

I did keep to the colours for the majority on the clothing, only changing that of the snowman's hat and Rowan's wellies. I also added the grass coming up amongst the snow albeit subtly.

Let It Snow Inspiration

The writing of the words in the falling snow are a continuation of a theme from a rainy day piece I created in 2007, a theme I repeated again in 2014 with 'Splish, Splash, Splosh' you can read more about this in the post I wrote on this blog. Read more about this theme

This piece was one of two designs with the falling snow, 

'Red, Red, Robin Magazine Collage

I created 'Red, Red, Robin' specifically to pair with the 'Let, It Snow' collage for my Christmas card designs. I hope to expand the range this year.

Christmas Card Range

The original collage 'Let. It, Snow' is available for purchase. It can be supplied in either it's current exhibition frame or in a bespoke reclaimed wooden frame.

The original 'Red, Red, Robin' collage has been framed in a bespoke frame and has recently been collected from exhibiting and is ready for a new home.

Both designs are available as eco friendly a3 prints and A6 greetings cards. Learn More

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