Tuesday, 5 January 2016

'Rutland Wedding' Magazine Collage Commission

This A3 magazine collage is one of the most detailed to date! This was commissioned and gifted to the bride and groom for their first Christmas as husband & wife.

'Rutland Wedding' Magazine Collage Commission
With the clients permission I did use my artistic licence to alter the composition in order to make sure the piece worked on this smaller scale. The main focus was to be on the bride and groom with the guests being alluded to without prominence. I was particularly pleased with how I was able to catch the light from the window and decided to make a feature of this and the stunning chandeliers.

At this scale I think this maybe one of the most detailed pieces to date and one of the most challenging. 

Client Image

Client Review  

I've never commissioned a piece of art before, but had seen Kirstie's work and wanted to have a unique and creative piece to capture the mood of the wedding of our elder son and daughter in law. 
The collage is beyond our expectation - the colours are so bright and the movement in the Bride's hair can even be imagined. We are thrilled and the Bride and Groom are enraptured They had tears in their eyes when they first saw their surprise Christmas gift - they looked at each other and said "it's us". It has taken pride of place in their home as a reminder of that wonderful moment when they were pronounced husband and wife. Thank you Kirstie for creating such a superb piece as a permanent reminder of such a life changing moment. 

Alison Rutland

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