Friday, 30 September 2016

Vanter Family A2 Magazine Collage Commission

This piece was created using several family photographs to place the family on the coastal path they wished to be depicted on. I love to collage sea, sky and rural scenes so this was a fun one for me to work on.

There were lots of details to get correct and changes had to be made to clothing to suit the location. I also used my artistic licence to widen the path enough for them to walk in pairs.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Szabo Family Magazine Collage Commission

I love how sunny this magazine collage feels, mainly due to the light colours used and bright yellow of the field on the left.
A2 Magazine Collage Commission
It was based mainly on one photograph supplied by the client, with some additional requests to make more of the buggy visable, To remove the jumper tid aound the waist and to remove the oncoming cyclists.

Client Photograph
There was a lot of detail in this piece which was fun to highlight.

The client opted to organise framing this piece themselves.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Magazine Collage Commission - Audi R8

A slightly different one for me, taking me out of my comfort zone! I was requested to create an Audi R8 in Cadbury's purple for a 50th birthday gift. This was commissioned by the talented Bad Dog Designs who I met through a networking hour on Twitter. It was wonderful to meet them both when they came to collect.

Karen & I with the piece commissioned by Paul

Luckily the client was able to provide an image of her driving one albeit in a different colour.

Client Photograph
Completed magazine collage. As this was a full face shot and a depiction as appose to a portrait, we agreed to add sunglasses to Karen.

The lights and grill provide a great opportunity to add some detail to the piece.

Close up detail
 This was framed in one of Roaring Tree's gorgeous handmade, reclaimed wood frames.

Magazine Collage Commission Szabo Family

This is a recent A2 magazine collage commission for a 40th birthday gift.
Magazine Collage Commission Szabo Family
I was really pleased with how sunny this piece felt, thanks it part to the field which left my hands very sore from the scissors!

The client asked for some details to be altered from the original images but on the whole provided photographs very close to the final piece.

Client photograph

Client photograph
I particularly loved working on the verge in this piece, highlighting some of the plants found there gave extra intrest to the texture of the piece.

Close-up detail
The client chose to have unframed, I would love to see which frame they chose!