Wednesday, 13 July 2016

'Monster Splash' magazine collage

'Monster Splash' is the next in my 'Let's Pretend' series of collages for my solo exhibition next September.

Monster Splash

The series is based on the original idea that climate change is real and not fantasy, from the EcoCreate 'Fairytales, Myths & Legends' exhibition we curated in January. My 'Lets Pretend' series explores the theme further by depicting children in role play situations, pretending and imagining the fantasy world around them. Drawing a parallel between those who choose to ignore the reality of climate change. Each piece is made entirely from upcycled magazines using non-toxic adhesives all on recycled board. I use reclaimed wooden frames by a local artisan or preloved frames to present the pieces. I'm still hunting for the perfect frame for this one!

'Monster Splash' is based on photographs I took of my son splashing around puddles on our way home from Granny's. He was pretending to be a monster in his dragon/dinosaur (we're undecided!) rain poncho.

The first piece in the series was 'Red Ridinghood' which was exhibited at January's exhibition.

Red Ridinghood
I have sketched out a 'Goldilocks & Little Bear' ready for collaging. I hope to add some more traditional tales to the series.

Goldilocks & Little Bear

I also have 'Lion Boy' sketched out and ready to go

Lion Boy

'The Princess & Her Horse' which you can learn more about in my previous post, will also be included.

The Princess & Her Horse

Lots more planned, watch this space :-)

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Friday, 8 July 2016

'Let's Pretend' magazine collage series

I'm really enjoying working on my 'Let's Pretend' series of collages for my solo exhibition next September.

The Princess & Her Horse

This is my latest piece which you may have seen me working on at the May open studios if you visited me then.

The Princess & Her Horse Rough Sketch

The Princess & Her Horse WIP

I spotted this photograph on my cousin's Facebook wall and asked permission to use as it fit my theme perfectly!

The Princess & Her Horse Original Image
I have started using reclaimed frames again for my none commissioned pieces, this preloved frame seemed ideal.

The Princess & Her Horse In Reclaimed Frame

I have several more pieces for this series in the pipeline so watch this space to see more.....