Saturday, 31 January 2015

Recycling & Eco Poster Custom Design & Print

I offer both a commission and personalisation service for posters promoting recycling and eco issues in general. All designs are created entirely from ripped and cut magazines, I then add the appropriate messages using Photoshop. I can either produce a new design to suit your needs or adapt one of my current designs to include your own message and logo. 

I also arrange all the printing and delivery the cost of which will be given in the initial quote. All posters are printed on recycled paper using vegetable based eco friendly inks.

If you would like a FREE SAMPLE please email me to arrange -

I offer a discount for schools, charities & scouting groups.

I currently have five options specifically designed for posters or I can create a new one for you -

Just Throw It In?
'Just throw it in?' is designed to make us think before just throwing our rubbish in the bin. Can it be recycled? If so please take the time to throw it it the correct bin. The message can be whatever you require and the colour and logos are all optional.

Stamp It All Down
'Stamp it all down' is a reminder of where the rubbish will go if not placed in a recycling bin. Again with the intention of giving pause for thought. I am able to make changes to box colour and message.

Green Countryside
'Green Countryside' is not only aimed at reminding us why we should recycle but also an anti littering message. Again box colour and message can be adapted and your organisation logo added.

Check For A Symbol

'Check for a symbol' serves as reminder to not only check that the item can be recycled but where it needs to go. This poster can be adapted to include all the symbols and meanings subject to your requirements.

A Great Place To Live
'A great place to live' is a second design option to 'Green Countryside'  not only aimed and reminding us why we should recycle but also an anti littering message. Again box colour and message can be adapted and your organisation logo added.

For more information and to order the posters without any changes please visit my website

I am always interested in getting involved in new projects, if you think that my artwork would suit a project you are working on then please get in touch via email

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Magazine Collage 'Vrouwenpolder Beach' The Netherlands.

An upcycled  magazine collage based on an image of my son paddling on Vrouwenpolder Beach near Middleburg in The Netherlands, July 2013.

Magazine Collage 'Vrouwenpolder Beach' The Netherlands

It is taken from a snapshot from our wonderful family visit to stay with my cousin who now lives and works there. The beaches went on for miles and we were blessed with wonderful weather, it is a really beautiful part of the world.

 'Vrouwenpolder Beach' The Netherlands. 

The biggest challenge with this piece was finding the colours I needed to blend the sea with the wet sand. I went through quite a stack before I had all the shades I required. I deliberately use dark and light pieces near the bottom of the collage to represent the footprints in the sand. It took several attempts before I was happy with the sky to sea transition, playing with different shades before I finally applied any adhesive.

I was still very much developing my technique at this stage but feel that this was really the first piece that blurred the edges of the 'painted' effect' I was striving for. I don't add any paint to my work, each piece is made entirely from ripped and cut magazines.

It was originally in a white plain box frame but I chose this as my example piece to showcase the bespoke reclaimed wood frames made for me by Alan at Roaring Tree. This piece has sold but prints and cards are available in my shop on EcoCreate.

 'Vrouwenpolder Beach' The Netherlands. Reclaimed Wood Frame

Saturday, 17 January 2015

'Birdie & Belle' Magazine Collage

This collage is made entirely from ripped and cut magazines. The image depicts my sister and my niece walking down a lane in the Derbyshire countryside. You may recognise my niece from the previous post 'Over The Wall', she is one of my favourite muses! It was commissioned by my sister's partner as a Christmas 2013 gift.

Birdie & Belle

The most challenging aspect of this project was that the image was in sepia so I had to imagine what the colours might be, having knowledge of my sisters wardrobe helped when deciding what the most likely colours of the clothing and bag would be.

Birdie & Belle Client Images

It was requested that the outfit be changed for my niece so I drew her in an alternative based on another photograph. 

Birdie & Belle Rough Sketch

Before I begin to collage I always make a rough sketch to work to. I then collage the background moving forward and finishing with the figures. I spent a lot of time working on the hair of the figures in this piece. I felt that at first the hair was too perfect and it wasn't until I added a few stray strands that the piece really came to life for me.

Birdie & Belle Progression

This collage was completed just prior to me arranging with Alan at Roaring Tree to have my work mounted in his bespoke reclaimed wood frames. So this was presented in a plain white box frame, I am continually working towards increasing the eco credentials of my work.

Birdie & Belle Box Frame

This piece is available as an eco print or greetings card Learn More

Birdie & Belle Eco Friendly Card

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

'Over The Wall' Magazine Collage

This A3 collage is made entirely of ripped and cut magazines, it was a very special piece for me to work on as it was a gift for my Mum.

Over The Wall Magazine Collage

At the end of the garden my mum has a rockery that my daughter and nephew used to stand on to watch the sheep when they were little. My brother built a deck with steps for them so it was easier and safer. When my son and niece began spending the day with Granny they too loved to stand on the deck and watch the sheep, horse or tractor that was in the field.

Inspiration for 'Over The Wall'

This is the photograph I worked from that I had covertly taken when planning the surprise, I did use my artistic license to move the sheep further right and to blend in the farm buildings. I did stay true to the original for the majority of the piece. The wall was the most challenging area to work on, I spent a lot of time building this up.

My Mum was absolutely over the moon to receive it and it was a complete surprise!

Prints and cards taken from this piece are available More Information

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Magazine Collage Commission 'Wrench Family'

This piece is an A1 collage constructed entirely from ripped and cut magazines. All on recycled board using non toxic adhesives.

Wrench Family Commission

This was a wonderful piece to work on, when I first saw the image for the commission I could see that it would be perfect for collaging and looked forward to bringing it to life.

Client Image

The main challenges with this piece were firstly, gathering enough of the shade of green I needed, thank you to all my friends and family who helped me by dropping off old nature and outdoor magazines they'd been hoarding! Secondly was to capture the light and dark so prominent in the original image.

I usually mainly rip the magazines as I like the soft edge , I have recently begun to combine this with cut magazines as well to gain a contrast in texture. In this case I used thinly cut magazines to capture the grassy areas of the piece.

Ripped & cut magazines for texture contrast

Alan Withington at Roaring Tree did a wonderful job of framing this piece which was quite challenging due to the size. Alan's frames are all constructed from reclaimed timber, in this case old floorboards. Framing doubles the size of the original piece.

Reclaimed wooden frame by Roaring Tree

Client Review -

"Thank you so much! My husband was absolutely delighted with his Christmas present - a collage of our four daughters out on a walk. Somehow Kirstie has captured their individual traits and the detail is absolutely amazing. I even found myself going back to the original photo to discover there was detail in the collage that I hadn't even noticed in the photo.

The picture has been very much admired by family and friends, several of them are now searching through photographs for their own commissions!

The whole process was thoroughly enjoyable and Kirstie was utterly professional throughout. Thank you again!!!"

Catherine Wrench