Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Magazine Collage Commission - Audi R8

A slightly different one for me, taking me out of my comfort zone! I was requested to create an Audi R8 in Cadbury's purple for a 50th birthday gift. This was commissioned by the talented Bad Dog Designs who I met through a networking hour on Twitter. It was wonderful to meet them both when they came to collect.

Karen & I with the piece commissioned by Paul

Luckily the client was able to provide an image of her driving one albeit in a different colour.

Client Photograph
Completed magazine collage. As this was a full face shot and a depiction as appose to a portrait, we agreed to add sunglasses to Karen.

The lights and grill provide a great opportunity to add some detail to the piece.

Close up detail
 This was framed in one of Roaring Tree's gorgeous handmade, reclaimed wood frames.

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