Thursday, 12 January 2017

Call for entries - Behind The Smile

My experience of living with endometriosis and adenomyosis inspired me to create an exhibition to raise awareness of invisible illness. Together with other artists I am curating an exhibition for March 2018 at Banks Mill Studios, Derby.

Behind the Smile
An invisible illness exhibition exploring living with issues such as chronic pain, depression & anxiety. Aiming to break taboos & raise awareness.

The deadline will be 31st December.

Any artistic interpretation of invisible illness will be considered including pieces from a loved ones perspective. If you're not sure if your project is relevant please email to discuss.

There will be a voluntary contribution towards the cost of publicity and a private view event, this will be confirmed once I have an idea of numbers but no more that £20.

If you’re interested in getting involved please register your interest below

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  1. hehehe I'm not sure I have time for all the great exhibitions that are being planned at the mo...this is such an interesting and important topic. I'd love to do something around eating disorders, as its obviously very close to home; the stigma, the emotional and physical pain, the mental health issues...gosh, where to start, how to do it justice... **mind blow**

    1. It would be fantastic to have you involved Jacqui, can't wait to see how you interpret all that! Very important issue, be great to see it included in the exhibition.